Get in Contact with Claims

If you need to file a claim call the number that corresponds with your policy.

Our PartnersContact Info
American Modern MotorcyclePhone: +1 (800) 375-2075
Platinum Claims Services
(Centurion-CC, Essential-NE)
Phone: +1 (805) 445-1975
Western General Automobile Insurance Company
(Carnegie Range-WT)
Phone: +1 (877) 998-9925
Western General Insurance Company
(Carnegie Flagship-WF, Carnegie Voyager-WV)
Phone: +1 (877) 998-9925

What to do in case of accident

  • Call 911 if there are any injuries.
  • Be careful what you say. Do not discuss the accident with anyone, except to identify yourself or provide facts to law enforcement officers at the scene. DO NOT DISCUSS FAULT OR CAUSE.
  • Do not disclose your policy details. You should only share driver's license number, policy number, insurance company's name, and their phone number.
  • Collect as much information as you can about the other drivers.
  • Take pictures of all vehicles involved,  if possible before they are moved. Make sure pictures depict the damage sustained in the crash.